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Christa Bellchristaformakoimage


Christa Bell is an award-winning spoken word poet, performance artist and feminist culture creator from Seattle,Washington. She is an MA candidate in Cultural Studies with a designation in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington Bothell, a member of the Women Who Rock and Fembot collectives and a founding member of Real Colored Girls. She is a National Poetry Slam Champion and her work includes the one-woman show CoochieMagik: A Spoken Word Musical Comedy, commissioned by the National Performance Network, 1001 Holy Names for Coochie, a 24-hour endurance mantra and performance art installation, which premiered at the Seattle Art Museum as part of the opening events for Elles: Women Artists From The Centre Pompidou; and SHEism: The Woman Worship Workshop, a performance- lecture and workshop that explores the spiritual politics of female bodies.  Her work has been featured on National Public Radio, as a TEDx Talk, and on afterellen.com and she has performed, by invitation, at over 100 universities, colleges, festivals and performance venues internationally. Her performance work is primarily concerned with feminist imaginings of the divine as well as how women’s spiritual self-esteem impacts their participation in the political processes that govern their lives. Her research interests include black feminist theory and genealogies, feminist cultural production, performance studies and cultural intersections of race, gender, culture and theology. Her current performance work is scheduled to be included in the Whitney Museum of American Art: 2014 Biennial as part of HOWDOYOUSAYYAMINAFRICAN, a global collective.  Her essay “Shall We Begin, Then?” a meditation on future/present ancestral bodies, will be featured in the 2014 Biennial catalogue.

Mako Fitts Ward


Mako pic

Mako Fitts Ward is a feminist educator, writer, activist and mother who teaches in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Justice Studies from Arizona State University. Her work is informed by Black feminist epistemologies and community-centered methodologies that engage the voices of youth, women of color, queer and gender non-conforming communities, with a specific focus on contemporary urban, African-American experiences. Dr. Ward’s research centers on applying an intersectional approach of race, gender, class and sexuality to analyses of hip hop cultural production and urban community organizing specifically using hip hop as a tool for social justice activism. She is a founding member of Real Colored Girls and is the co-founder of the Women Who Rock Collective, a community of musicians, media-makers, performers, artists, scholars and activists committed to engaging collective methods of research, teaching, archiving, and community and scholarly collaboration to explore the role of women and popular music in the creation of cultural scenes that anchor social justice movements in the Americas and beyond. Dr. Ward has been a contributing blogger for Ms. Magazine and has published popular and scholarly essays on body ethics and aesthetics among women of color, media and gender images, women in hip-hop, gentrification and cultural displacement, and Black women’s social movement organizing in the early 20th century.

7 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. I’m very excited to read what you’ve got to say.

  2. Yes, bring it!!!! Great blog on Bottom Bitch Feminism. I reblogged. Christa Bell, great to see you. I interviewed you back in 2005 – 2008 in Northampton, MA (radio program). Good to see you still spitting truth!

  3. iyatundef says:

    In traditional call and response I have only one thing to say about the ‘Bey Bottom Bitch’ article, “Weeeelll!” As I wave my fan! Turn it up Sistahs!

  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising the consciousness of we sisters to our own oppression–from whatever its source. I cannot stand Beyonce and all the other corporate produced pop artists. I especially find deeply disturbing how Beyonce has turned “white” and how her and so many other pop videos are all about some corporate vision of sex and sexuality. I am no stuffy prude. For example, I adore CUba and Cuban sexuality which is free and ever present but not commercialized or as commercialized as our pop artists like Beyonce.

    As well in Cuba, I find more a celebration of real Black culture like singing in Yoruba, and lifting up culture from the people, instead of corporate driven, However, with the USA looming near, Cuba still is prey to all this. The leaders treid to keep it out but they coudn;t and USA TV is highly watched etc etc.

    Cuba has its challenges with racism as well r and the “whitification” of beauty. which apparently goes back centuries.

    They nor we have totally dismanteld our own oppression but you sisters are critically doing that and for that I am deeply grateful for assisting me with my own liberation!

    However, I don;t understand what you like about Beyonce who pimps for Coke which is killling our people and hwose musice must surely be corporate engineered , just like our food, to addict us. What is it you like about here?

    I can;t find anything to like about here because it all is so corporate engineered and she has lost any racial identity–like Michael Jackson!–I fear she and her family will have the same end. I do remember the day when she was with her group that I enjoed the sensuality of her moves and body; but I just can;t stand to look at her anymore. Ita lmost literally makes me want to vomit; she is so artificial and like a mannequin.

    No real person left.

    ThankYOU again.

    I prefer real people dancing and sexuality and Black skin to this mannequin, robotic, corporate fabrication to manipulate us.

    Maria Whittaker

  5. Chandra says:

    KUDOS!! I’m So Pleased You Sistas are “pulling the covers off” of what a vast majority of Blackfolk subscribe to as “given”; the way we treat EACH OTHER over hair texture and skin color is something engrained in us since the days of “Willie Lynch!” Those in denial can no longer remain there comfortably, thanks to your good work. I’m so glad I found You! Peace and Blessings, C.

  6. Stevenol says:

    Jay-z and beyonce have succeded a lot together but sometimes I wonder if Jay-z would would have gotten that far without beyonce,that applies to beyonce as well eventhough I think beyonce is a bigger superstar.
    THey make a lot money together,I think THey made another 100 million this past year.Take a look at their new house here http://adf.ly/e7PT3 WINNINGGGGG.Anwz this couple got everything going for themselves but what do guys think ???

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