Girl, Hi

We know it’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a dope trope to step, but Real Colored Girls are back, spillin’ tea, throwin’ shade, checkin’ boos and loving our black selves into a brighter day. As the Real Colored Girls our irreverent read of the pop public sphere has inspired our individual thinking and creative projects, and we now want to bring the dialogue to a larger audience.

Our first organizing project was back in 2010 where we galvanized a series of community dialogues and online discussions around the world, and a pre-release screening in Seattle to support critical conversations around the release of Tyler Perry’s film For Colored Girls. We launched our Facebook page to continue the conversations and to, in the spirit of feminist activism, engage in digital consciousness raising around representations of black women – the good, the bad, and the wack. We’ve been on a hiatus for a minute to explore new life ventures – education, family, artistic endeavors, writing projects. But we’re back and ready to take the conversations to a whole new level!

The secret release of Beyonce’s new self-titled album Beyoncé and the discussions that ensued have inspired us to come together once again to add our perspectives to the mix.  As creative intellectuals, change agents and sista-girlfriends, Real Colored Girls has established this blog in an effort to create ‘space and opportunity’ to forward fresh ideas and to bring you into our universe where we’re constantly vibin’ off of all things pop culture – from images, music and writing, to the blogosphere, reality TV and YouTube.  You’ll find a mélange of blog posts, photography, resources, video discussions and interviews with some of the fierce women who inspire us. We will also feature some of the folks in our ‘beloved community’ who will contribute their spin on pop culture currents.

We ’bout to bring ‘the realness’ – in all its many forms.  Stay Ready.


Christa & Mako