Real Colored Girls (RCG) are women of the African diaspora, who take issue with the ways we are being represented globally. Our ability to contribute fully to humanity depends on the reclamation and articulation of our true selves, and global, white-supremacist, patriarchal media has exploited the degradation of our original archetypes. In amputating the spiritual meaning of black women we are continuously reduced from Great Mother and original life-source, to mammy stereotypes, from Wise Oracle to neck-snapping Sapphire, and from Sacred Whore – the body upon which the seasons revolve, the sexuality that heals and prospers – to everybody’s favorite Hottentot. Real Colored Girls are offended and bored by the mean-spirited, simplistic portrayals of who we are, and we are committed to the dismantling of outdated representations. RCG is reclaiming the true meaning of our archetypes and forging new models for Black womanhood from a place of internalized freedom.

Please use the contact form below to submit any and all inquires to Real Colored Girls.  


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